Saturday, 3 November 2012

Professional Android 4 Application Development


Provides an in-depth look at the Android application components and their lifecycles
Explores Android UI metaphors, design philosophies, and UI APIs to create compelling user interfaces for phones, tablets, and TVs
Introduces techniques for creating map-based applications and using location-based services
Looks at how to create background services, Notifications, and Cloud To Device Messaging
Demonstrates how to create dynamic and interactive home screen Widgets and Live Wallpaper
Explores hardware and communication APIs, including Bluetooth, telephony, WiFi Direct, and NFC Beam
Examines the use of the camera and hardware sensors
Details the new animation framework and other user experience enhancements, including drag and drop, the Action Bar, and Fragments
Includes a new chapter on publishing your apps
Introduces the License Verification and In App Billing Services


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